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  • Lashing and Securing Surveys

  • Loss investegation

  • Insurance Claims

  • General Average Assistance

  • Ship inspections

  • Cargo Surveys

  • Hull / P&I Investigation

  • Securing and Packaging of Cargo

  • On/Off Hire Surveys

  • Bunker Surveys

  • Draft Surveys

  • Yacht Inspections


  • Liability

  • Industrial, commercial and household property losses

  • Fire, water, hail, storm and flood


  • Loss investegation

  • Carrier's Liability

  • Salvage of Trucks and Goods

  • Fruit and perishables


  • Personal injuries

  • Death investigations

  • Cooperation with specialized loss adjuster with years of experience in collating and assesing all technical and commercial aspects of property and business interruption losses

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